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Coming from the content production side ourselves, we realize how difficult distribution is - this is why we have established Panguro Media.

Most bigger networks, VOD providers like Netflix and other content buyers don't want to deal with independent producers directly, since this would be too time consuming - rather they go to content aggregators, who have huge catalogues of content for sale. By building such a catalogue for Zimbabwean content, we can approach the various content buyers and thus make sure that your content is seen by them.

Look at Panguro Media as a Real Estate Agent for media content. If you want to sell a house, you can do it by yourself, but chances are a lot higher, if you go to a broker. We work in the same way - like a Real Estate Agent, we don't own your content, you do. But we find buyers by sending your content out to them, negotiate the deal, transcode your content into their preferred format and send it to them - in the meantime you can do what you are best at - creating more content.

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